Dale May - Life as a Musician

Dale May - Life as a Musician

Who are you?

Dale May, aka Stale, aka The OG Mr.Wilson, aka your 6th favourite rapper…

Who are your biggest inspirations?

Way too many musical inspirations. Early Mike Skinner definitely encouraged me to pick up a pencil and start scribbling my thoughts down, Maverick Sabre’s unique jazzy voice made sense to me and I felt instantly connected, Mac Miller’s out of the box artistry and rhyme schemes, Amy Winehouse’s soul and unmatched story telling / writing ability, Ye inspires me to strive to be myself and take risks in life where I can, bare inspirations though. Eminem, Drizzy, The Arctic Monkeys, Jamie T, my friend George, Jehst, Loyle Carner, Berwyn, list continually grows every day…

Dale May Young Goat

How did your journey to becoming an artist begin?

Creating music is something I’ve always done just as a side hobby in life. I loved the puzzle of writing bars and scrutinising over what word could be better placed. Sounds nerdy af but growing up I got a buzz out of finding new words in a thesaurus I could use for spoken word pieces or poems when I was like 10. I also could hold a note and learnt how to play guitar to an OK standard. I think when I started to put those things together, it became clearer what I wanted to do. My first love was actually acting though.

How did lockdown affect you?

The 1st Lockdown was weird, because there was a novelty at the start of having all the space and time in the world to sit around watching re-runs of Rick and Morty, being stupidly lazy and not feeling guilty about it. The novelty, of course, wore off and I'd say I became quite distant from people, I went radio silent for a while and leant on writing as an escape. I think the 2nd one was different.

How do you motivate yourself?

I think of 8 year old me telling everyone he’s ‘gonna be rich somehow’ and I don’t want to let that little guy down...

Dale May Young Goat

What would you be doing if you weren’t an artist?

I think I'd be running a deli shop somewhere. I dunno, always thought the idea of making peng sandwiches for people is cool. It’s not exactly stressful ya know and 9/10 people are going to be friendly and gassed with their lunch - music playing, mad basic but sometimes simple is best.

What’s coming in 2022?

So I’ve just dropped my new mixtape Locked Down Stocked Up that’s on all streaming platforms now! But for 2022 I'm dropping my debut EP Escape Room, I've got multiple singles landing one of which is with the very talented and lovely Clara Hurtado! Also, I’ve got some live shows / festivals that I'll be announcing closer to the time, and I'll be working on my side deli business as well ‘Daley Deli’…I know you love that word play.

Did you miss performing live?

Honestly, the break away from it made me realise how much I missed doing it. I had got to a point where I was performing at least three times a month, at open mics, birthdays and after parties whatever I could. Losing that had its affects so I’m super glad that we’re back in business.

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What's the best thing about performing live?

Making people feel something. I know that’s a deep one but I think it’s a question that holds a deep answer, for me anyway. Close second is the Rum and Coke straight after being on stage…

Have you got a gig coming up?

Yes indeed sir, happy to say I've got a headline show at Peckham Audio on the 15th of December with big dope support from Children Of The Wind. It’ll be a night of real live music with real live instruments as well, which feels good and I think something the live scene especially in hip hop needs to embrace more and more. Honestly cannot wait, you best have your ticket???

What is your favourite YG item?

Mate, I actually love the green fleece I've got and the YG hoodie. Big fan of all the garms man, would happily rock them anywhere I go. Keep up the good work and love for everything!

Dale May Young Goat

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