How Football Played a Role in the History of Young Goat

How Football Played a Role in the History of Young Goat

The history of Young Goat is rooted in football. While at Bristol uni together, we all met playing for the university football club (UBAFC), and it is through our participation in the club and the love of the sport, that we became such strong friends and eventually started the brand. 

During our time playing, we would all regularly use the acronym ‘GOAT’ as a compliment to recognise each other’s achievements. This extended further than performances on the pitch, as it began to be commonplace vernacular to congratulate someone who had done well in an essay or who had excelled in almost anything. As young kids in the club, it was very uplifting to have this praise heaped on you and eventually it became obvious why the acronym was thrown about the way it was: it was a term of inclusion, a bolstering compliment - and it really worked.

It was an incredibly positive environment to be involved in, and we could see first hand how our use of the acronym was boosting not only our confidence, but others around us. It became a reciprocal thing as you grew within the club, with the younger years experiencing the same things we did. All of this eventually morphed into the Young Goat of today, with UBAFC reflecting a microcosm of the society we aim to create at Young Goat, where we can inspire a global community to be the best version of themselves. 

Having come together through football, we want to share our love of the game with you all. After a year of postponement due to the global pandemic, the time has finally come for 24 teams to battle it out to see who will lift the Euro 2020 trophy. 

For the first time in history the competition is being staged across 11 different countries, with one being here at our very own Wembley Stadium in London. We’re super excited to begin supporting England once again and are forever hopeful that this will be our year. 

Over the course of the tournament we will be running various giveaways and competitions, where you’ll have to guess goal times, correct scores and perhaps a few other surprises. 

These competitions will take place on our Instagram so make sure you’re following on there for a chance to win some prizes (such as a free hoodie) and have some fun. 

Could it be coming home? We sure hope so. Come on England.

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