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July 16, 2021 2 min read

I've always loved geography. Of course, this didn't stop me from getting a C in my GCSE, but when it came to countries, capitals and cities, I could name them all. Therefore, when we initially started selling our clothing, every new country we sold to gave me such a buzz. Even now, I have a scratch map in my room where I mark off every new country we've sold to which, one day, whenever that day may be, I hope to be fully complete. 

Young Goat Sales

The first 5 countries that we sold to were relatively understandable. I say this, but I should reiterate that for anyone not in the UK to trust a young brand such as ourselves is a big deal, so I'm hugely grateful to all of you for giving us a chance. However, it was the UK, Ireland, France, Germany and the US that made up our first five. Back then, our shipping wasn't great and it cost a lot for a poor service, something we have worked on immensely behind the scenes to reach the level we are at today but this only served to enhance people's support - thank you for your patience waiting for those early deliveries!

Our sales to Europe began to build, as Bulgaria, Hungary and Portugal were added to the list. However, a huge milestone for us was our first sale to an Asian country, with South Korea surprising us all hugely to be our first ever. Australia followed quickly after and that left just two continents (asides from Antarctica). As the milestones began to be hit, breaching 20 countries, then 25, an order from Brazil then left us with just one continent to go. 

Young Goat Australia

It was only after we had hit 40 countries, did we finally land an African sale as someone in South Africa became the first person ever in the whole continent to own Young Goat - pretty cool if you ask me. We now stand at 50 different countries, which we couldn't be more proud of. It gives us all such joy to see so many different people from all around the world buy into our ethos and trust our brand. Thank you. 

Young Goat Map

I've added in the full list of countries below for those interested. If you see yours not on there, you could be the first person from your country to own Young Goat! We are currently running our summer sale with items up to 40% off so it's as good a time as any. If you can't purchase, no worries, but please help us by sharing our Instagram and Facebook content, so we can expand even further across the globe! 


UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, 

Netherlands, Russia, Romania, Poland, Austria, 

Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, Croatia, Switzerland, 

Bulgaria, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, Lithuania, 

Serbia, Finland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Slovenia

North America: 

USA, Canada, Mexico, Panama

South America:

Brazil, Chile, Argentina 


South Korea, UAE, Malaysia, Israel, Hong Kong, Cambodia, India, Singapore, Philippines, Qatar


Australia, New Zealand


South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya 

Scratch Map Video:




Young Goat
Young Goat

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