Manhattan Bleach x Young Goat

Manhattan Bleach x Young Goat

Cozy in the Sheets meets Edgy in the Streets: London Edition

On June 11th, we are taking part in a charity football match to raise money for Great Ormond Street (GOSH), a hospital who do truly amazing work to help seriously ill children fulfil their potential. 

Young Goat vs GOSH

The ticket revenue will go to GOSH, but to add a little bit extra, we recently teamed up with Manhattan Bleach, to create a limited drop of one-of-a-kind pieces that are currently available for auction.

Based on the overwhelming interest in these pieces, we have decided to open the auction up virtually & internationally so everyone will have an opportunity to bid on them. The proceeds from the winning bids will be donated to charity, and we are super excited to present it to you. We have to offer a big thank you to Mackenzie, who we spoke to earlier today:

What pieces are available for auction?

The YG x MB crossover collaboration features three hoodies in pink, teal and navy with socks that match. Each piece was made by hand by me in New York City and they are the only ones of their kind in the world. I customized the hoodies using bleach and my reverse dye technique. For the socks, I mixed special colours and dyed them to match the signature YG hoodie colours. 

YG Young Goat Navy

Can you tell us a little more about Manhattan Bleach?

Just like the YG guys, I don’t come from a business or fashion background. In fact, I studied International Relations and Journalism and used to work for the United Nations! But fashion has always been a passion and I suppose I’ve always been destined for it. After the UN, a twist of fate landed me at Ralph Lauren, where I designed for a few years. 

YG Young Goat Teal

At the start of the pandemic, I was unemployed and trying to figure out my next move. It was a time of great self reflection and I realized that I hadn’t felt truly creative in a long time. I’ve always been a very hands on person creatively and I wanted to find my way back to that. I was pretty bored of my wardrobe at that point too, so I started experimenting with bleach on the sweatpants I had been wearing day in and day out. I’ve come a loooooong way since then, but they turned out very cool and I loved that I was able to breathe new life into my clothing. Friends and family immediately starting asking about them and it became an amazing way to send some comfort to my loved ones during a very tough time. 

Things sort of snowballed from there and I officially opened my shop that summer. Two years later, it is still going strong and I am just riding the wave that is Manhattan Bleach! 

What is the favourite collaboration you've done so far?

Throughout this journey, I’ve had the pleasure of working on some awesome collaborations, but this one with Young Goat has been a personal favourite of mine. I’m honoured to be teaming up with them for such a great cause and I hope you love these pieces!

Go and get your bids in here, and make sure you check out Mackenzie on insta!

YG Socks x Manhattan Bleach

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