Why Black Minds Matter?

Why Black Minds Matter?

Black Minds Matter UK was founded in June 2020. By July, over 2,500 people had already signed up to the waiting list to access therapy. In December, with over £800,000 raised, a fantastic sum aided by your generosity, BMMUK officially launched and began helping those in need. 

The charity was founded in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, whose death was a tragedy for black communities among others and further highlighted the everyday struggles and dangers that they experience through their lifetimes. 

The event marked a watershed moment in black history as it coincided with the devastating global pandemic that we still find ourselves in the midst of today. Ample time to sit indoors led to a great deal of introspection on the black experience and the unfair cards the black community are regularly dealt.

No sooner had BMMUK launched, that we were keen to get involved. It was a natural choice for us for a few reasons:

  1. We had previous experience partnering with mental health charities 
  2. Our ethos is to inspire confidence and improve self-esteem, their work aligns with this perfectly 
  3. BMMUK was also founded by two friends who met while at university in Bristol
  4. Young Goat does not exist without the black community
  5. Black mental health was something that was massively overlooked during our time at university

The litany of testimonials on their website speaks to just how important the work they’re doing is:

"The pandemic has been extremely tough for a lot of people mentally and financially, so it's amazing that Black Minds Matter offers free mental health services at a time where so many people need it, but may not be able to afford it.”

It also speaks to how vital it is to have a black therapist, as it guarantees that there is a nuanced and unspoken grace in the therapeutic space, with people who have been on similar journeys and who understand how to process them.

Racism is still prevalent in so many forms, from individual to institutional to structural. Black people deserve to live in a world where they have racial and social equality, economic equity and unbiased criminal justice systems, as human rights.

Unfortunately, this is currently not the case and it continues to affect people's mental health. However, BMMUK go a long way in helping those unfairly treated in today’s society to process their experiences. Thank you for helping us help them. 

Coinciding with the beginning of Black History Month in the UK, the t-shirt will be available to buy on 1st October.

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