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January 02, 2021 2 min read

Way back in January, at our first meeting of 2020, we began to set out our plans for the year and, well, I think it’s safe to say that none of us foresaw the curveball heading our way.

It’s been a tough year...a year that has seen the coronavirus have a devastating impact on families and communities across the globe. However, despite the difficult situations many of us still find ourselves in, our aim today is to reflect on some of the positives in what has been a crazy year for Young Goat, one that has not only seen the launch of our website, but our first appearance in various national publications, over £2500 raised for charitable causes and our brand now worn proudly in 45 different countries, spanning six different continents. 

Young Goat 2020 Recap Image


Now, before I expand further on some of our proudest achievements this year, I must digress a little further and take this opportunity to thank you all for your immense and continued support throughout these strange and difficult times for us all. Although we have big plans, we are still a small business and every like, comment and re-share during this period has helped us. For that, we are hugely grateful, thank you. 

We had originally hoped, and roughly estimated, that the launch of our website would be in the Spring, citing April as a tangible deadline to work towards. However, 5 months on from our original launch date, we had our website and were hugely proud of what we had created. Without it, we would never have experienced the rate of growth we have had, nor have been represented in all four corners of the globe. Whether it be Ukraine, New Zealand, Brazil, South Korea or even Mauritius, it still gives us such a thrill to see the breadth of countries Young Goat has reached. Long may this continue. 

We have always looked beyond merely serving a commercial purpose at Young Goat and this year has seen you raise an incredible amount of money for our charity partners Second Step, Off the Record and Black Minds Matter. A notable highlight was our auction for the one-off black out items to raise money for BMM, raising £511 for four items, a quite extraordinary figure. The money you all raised for the Movember foundation must also be mentioned, as we sported our terrible moustaches for a month - the less said about those, the better!

Young Goat Movember Image


Although the future is still somewhat uncertain, we can’t help but feel excited about what’s to come in 2021. We are rapidly approaching 10k followers so be prepared for our biggest giveaway yet. We’ll be appearing in more publications, launching some exciting new collaborations and most importantly, releasing a whole range of new products, colours and designs as we expand our catalogue and hopefully your wardrobes. 

None of this would be possible without you guys so I must end by saying another huge thank you for everything you guys do. We are truly proud to have seen the herd grow to the extent it has. There is so much more to come from us and we look forward to having you alongside us on our journey. 

Be your greatest. 

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Young Goat
Young Goat

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