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Young Goat 'Be Your Greatest'

It goes without saying that this has been a difficult period of time in all of our lives. The constant uncertainty over the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as the inability to see friends and family, has meant that now more than ever is a good time to reflect on our mental health and the various ways we can manage it effectively.

We have seen a surge of people over the past year undertaking various personal challenges to stay occupied during lockdown. Some have jogged, some of us have attempted to bake (although have never quite managed to exceed the level of a basic banana bread) and others have kept active with a whole assortment of projects and hobbies. 

With that in mind, we have an idea with the goal to inspire. From Monday 1st February we will be running the ‘Be Your Greatest’ week on our Instagram, where we will use our platform to showcase some of the things you have been doing to stay occupied throughout the pandemic and frequent lockdowns. 

Whatever the task, whether it be an effort to raise money for charity, overcoming a personal challenge or just picking up a new skill or hobby, we want to see it and we want to share it. Our aim is to have as many people as possible displaying their various skills and talents. Please tag us in your Instagram stories and posts so that we can share them to our page and inspire others to be their greatest. You have licence to be as creative as you like and whatever you want to showcase, we are happy to see. 

Alongside this, we may be attempting some of our own challenges this week. To spice things up, we will be asking you to nominate any you'd like to see us undertake on our Instagram story. If you suggest one we like, we'll give it our best shot.

As you know we are very proud to partner with mental health charities Second Step, Off the Record and Black Minds Matter. To give a little extra this week, 10% of all sales between Monday and Friday will go towards these charities, helping them to continue their fantastic work. 

We can’t wait to undertake what you set us, but also to see everything you guys get up to. Head to our Instagram now to help choose the Young Goat team challenges. 

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