July 23, 2021 3 min read

Our use of the ‘GOAT’ acronym has always strayed from the traditional. During our time at university together, we would use it amongst ourselves as praise for almost anything, whether it be playing well in a game, doing well in an essay, or even cooking a nice dinner! However, what began as a bit of fun quickly evolved into something much greater, as we began to see the positive effects it was having on our confidence and self-belief.This eventually morphed into our idea that the acronym should not be solely reserved for sports stars and celebrities, but that anyone could be the GOAT.

A lot of what we highlight when we talk about being the GOAT ties in with good mental health - it’s self-esteem related. We all experienced the inclusive and positive feelings that come with the use of the acronym while we were at uni which formed the foundation of our brand. So while we are not a mental health clothing brand, we feel that good mental health is inherently linked to Young Goat’s identity.

As a clothing brand, we are certainly not specialists in mental health, nor do we have the facilities to give certain services to people who need them. However, we can shine a light on those who do, which is why we partner with three great mental health charities: Second Step, Off the Record Bristol and Black Minds Matter UK. As part of the commitment to our message and our aim to inspire a global community to be the best versions of themselves, we have run various fundraisers and initiatives for these charities. Some of the highlights include:

  • Black Out Items Auction

To celebrate Black History Month in the UK, we auctioned four one-off items to raise money for our partner mental health charity, Black Minds Matter UK (BMMUK). 

Each item had its logo blacked out and was the only one of its kind, making for an incredible auction that saw us raise £511 from just four items. 

Young Goat BMM

  • Movember 2020

For this annual challenge, we each attempted to grow a moustache with varying degrees of success, managing to raise over £1500 for the Movember Foundation. The less said about those moustaches, the better. 

Young Goat Movember

  • Mental Health Awareness Week

In what was our most successful fundraiser yet, we took on our biggest challenge to date. We set out with the goal of collectively running 2000km in a week, while raising £2000 for charity. Aside from these targets, our aim was to get people active outdoors, which has the ability toenhance our well-being and increase our mental alertness, energy and positivity.

If we’re being honest, we didn’t realise quite how far 2000km was when we set the target. That distance would take you on a walk from London to Rome with a few hundred metres to spare! However, it sparked a monumental effort from our community, so many of whom got involved to chip in with both donations and kilometres, as both targets were smashed, with over £2800 raised. 

It made us hugely proud to see how everyone came together to reach the collective target. 

Young Goat Charities

These fundraisers work in tandem with the generous website donations you give at checkout, boosting the totals to help these charities make real and impactful change in our societies. 

In the coming months, we will be undertaking our largest ever campaign, hoping to garner national attention. This is something we have been working on behind the scenes since the beginning of the year and something we hope will help us raise a huge sum of money for Black Minds Matter UK. We’re getting closer to revealing those details and we’re hugely excited about it, so stay tuned...

In the meantime, please continue to give generously at checkout to help support these wonderful charities. Supporting Young Goat helps us support them, and with our current Summer Sale there’s never been a better time to join the Herd. We can never thank you enough for your unending support and we hope that you’re as excited as us for the months to come.

Young Goat
Young Goat

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