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Marianna Gacesa - Life as a Fitness Blogger

Who are you?

Hey, I’m Marianna. I’m 25 and from London but currently live in Dubai.

How did your journey to becoming a fitness blogger start?

I had been really into fitness for around 6 years before but never posted anything about it. I wouldn’t even bring my phone into the gym with me! One of my uni friends who posted about fitness questioned why I didn’t and I guess it was something I thought about but hadn’t done yet. I then made an account just for fitness but decided to blend my personal account and fitness together because I wanted to show the whole picture of my life rather than just fitness. I didn’t want people thinking all I did was gym and eat healthy, I like to go for drinks, etc. too! I think it’s really important to have a balanced lifestyle, as much as you can anyway!

How do you motivate yourself when you’ve had a long or bad day?

What always helps me is putting on a playlist that’s upbeat and something I would listen to when I’m on a night out! I also would have a meal (high in protein, with carbs and some kind of veg) to give myself energy as I find it hard to work out without having eaten an hour before personally.

What is your favourite cheat day meal?

I honestly don’t do ‘cheat days’. If I want something that isn’t as nutritionally dense, I’ll just have it! But if I’m hungover, Pizza Express pizza is definitely my go to, or burger and fries (in London, I used to always get an Honest Burger with fries… SO GOOD).

What was it like writing your own book?

I found it very therapeutic. I said a lot of things in there which I hadn’t actually even shared with my friends or family. Just seeing people make the same mistakes as me was enough to give me motivation to write it. I know that there is value in it which is also a ‘feel good’ thing for me and I hope it helps people! The feedback has all been positive so far, so that’s also a bonus [Marianna's book ‘Work On You, For You’ is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble].

What would you be doing if you weren’t big on fitness?

Interesting question! That’s a hard one, fitness is a massive part of my life due to how it makes me feel. I would probably be focusing more so on something creative.

What made you want to move abroad?

I had lived in London my whole life pretty much besides uni and I felt it wasn’t fulfilling me anymore and I needed a change! I had wanted to move to Dubai for quite a while because it has similarities to London but has way better weather, next to the beach, great food, great places to go out, good gyms.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

I think it’s a great day to remind one and other to support each other but I feel like this should be the case all the time, not just on one day!

Who are your GOATs/biggest inspirations?

Probably my parents! I feel like I’ve learnt a lot from them and wouldn’t be who I am today without there kindness and strong morals.

What is your favourite Young Goat item?

I love the White YG T-Shirt, I literally live in it.

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