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March 05, 2021 1 min read

Transcript from our IGTV video @younggoatltd:

Hi, I’m Al, I'm 26 and I'm the Managing Director. 

Favourite YG item?

I'd say my favourite item is probably the grey hoodie, I wear it basically every day. 

Who do you want to see in YG?

I want to see Mbappe, I've told a lot of people about journey to Mbappe but I'm sticking by it, that's got to happen. 

What is your best achievement with the company so far?

I think our biggest achievement is the fact that we have raised over £2500 for charity (now over £3000).

Favourite artist?

My favourite artist is Young Thug, he's the GOAT. 

Favourite movie?

My favourite film is Lord of the Rings, but Return of the King in particular really is great isn't it. 

Moment you felt like the GOAT?

When I was 11 I won a competition and got to go to South Africa and interview the Zulu King so that was pretty cool. 

Young Goat
Young Goat

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