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Meet the Team: Arthur Leventhorpe (Transcript)

Transcript from our IGTV video @younggoatltd:

Hi. I’m Arthur, I’m 24 and I’m Head of Communications at Young Goat.

Favourite YG item?

I’m gonna have to go with the grey hoodie. I think everyone’s said it so far but it is definitely my favourite, so go get yours!

Who do you want to see in YG?

There’s a few, we’ve all as a group collectively agreed that we want to see Kylian Mbappé in YG at some point. But I’d love to see Dave and Simone Biles as well because she really is a Young Goat.

What is your best achievement with the company so far?

I’m a bit of a geography nerd, I love countries, I  love capitals and so I think for me it’s just the fact that we’ve sold to 48 different countries (now 50). I honestly love that fact so much, all six continents as well, I find it really cool.

Favourite artist?

There’s a few...I mentioned Dave earlier, I love him. I love Adele, but my most played artist on Spotify Wrapped 2020 was Justin Bieber, so I’ll go with him. 

Favourite movie?

This is an easy one for me, I know Jack went with Monsters Inc and The Incredibles (in his interview), I’m a massive Pixar man as well. It’s always been Finding Nemo. 

Moment you felt like the GOAT?

I’m trying to think of a stand out...actually, quite recently I was walking down the street and I was wearing this (YG Grey Hoodie). Someone stopped me and said they really liked my hoodie and I could say, 'yeah its my company', so that was pretty cool. 


It’s definitely something to be proud of! I’m with you on the geography of it, selling to all the countries you do is phenomenal and I’m a Nemo girl. I know tons of people who sport YG proudly just like us.🤍

Kourtney Brazzell

The customer service Arthur provides to his “herd” is above and beyond. Whether you’re sending an email or text, the response time is within minutes. It shows the customer they are a priority to the YG business. Job well done, Arthur and staff!

Lisa (YG addict)

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