November 20, 2020 2 min read

Transcript from our IGTV video @youngoatltd:

Hi. I'm Jack, I'm 22 and I'm Head of Manufacturing at Young Goat.

Favourite YG item?

My favourite YG item has to be the one I'm currently wearing. Grey hoodie, go get it.

Who do you want to see in YG?

If I could pick anyone to wear YG, it would have to be Mason Mount. Life-long Chelsea fan and he's just the boy.

What is your best achievement with the company so far?

The best achievement with the company so far, for me, is when we auctioned off our items to raise money for Black Minds Matter ( We raised a significant amount thanks to everyone. I think it shows that everything we're doing is going to a good cause.

Favourite artist?

My favourite artist, a tough one. I'll divide it: I'd say UK has to be J Hus and then US I'd go A Boogie, even though at the moment Drake can't miss (he's releasing bangers), but I'd go A Boogie if I'm going by most played.

Favourite movie?

My favourite movie is split between two. It probably shows my maturity levels but it's either Monsters, Inc. or The Incredibles. Monsters, Inc. is an elite film. Killed it with Monsters University which didn't deliver but yeah, Monsters, Inc. for me.

Moment you felt like the GOAT?

This is a tough one. I'd go... I was lucky enough to ball boy a Wimbledon final, in 2014, which was Federer-Djokovic, which was just class. I was at the net the moment Djokovic won and that was a good moment. I've also scored an FA Cup goal, which I think is always a cool thing to say because there are probably a lot of people who have done it but to people who don't play football that much, it sounds like a proper cool thing to say. So yeah, I'd go with either of those two.

Young Goat
Young Goat

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August 03, 2021

Well done on taking a risk with this awesome brand. I’d have to say my fave YG piece is my pink hoody.
Whose your fave character in Monsters inc?
Wishing you @younggoat the best success 🐐💛💚

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