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Meet the Team - Vince Onuegbu (Transcript)

Transcript from our IGTV video @younggoatltd:

Hi, I’m Vince, I just turned 26 contrary to popular belief and I’m marketing director at Young Goat. 

Favourite YG item?

I’m a big fan of the black YG tee but my favourite item has to be the grey YG hoodie. 

Who do you want to see in YG?

This is easy, it’s got to be Kylian Mbappe in the YG please. But I’d also like to see Bukayo Saka, I think he’d look top, big up the little chilli. 

What is your best achievement with the company so far?

I think Jack’s already mentioned the one that’s the most important to me which is the Black Mind’s Matter auction, but, on a personal note, I was really buzzing to be published, so Epigram and Bristol 24/7 so far - watch this space. 

Favourite artist?

My favourite artist is easily J Cole but speaking UK it’s got to be Dave, Mr Santan, I should have said him earlier he’s someone I need to see in YG at some point, keep doing what you’re doing. 

Favourite movie?

I am a well known Marvel nerd, so my favourite of those is definitely Infinity War, but I’m a big fan of the Dark Knight and Se7en, outside of superhero movies. 

Moment you felt like the GOAT?

I’ve run two full marathons and a couple of halves, which are my proudest so I’ll just throw those in there. But actually the time I felt like the GOAT is the time I coached a football session in front of Sepp Blatter, who’s pretty corrupt, but a bit of a big name.

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