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Young Goat Movember

Although founded before any of us at Young Goat could even dream about the possibility of growing a moustache, since its inception in 2003 the Movember Foundation has raised over £600 million and funded more than 1,200 projects in more than 20 countries. 

As a group we first properly experienced Movember in 2017, when as a football club we took on the collective challenge to grow our own moustaches, a campaign spearheaded superbly by our friend James who spoke of his own personal mental health struggles that greatly resonated with the rest of us. It was a campaign that raised an immense £5000 and established a strong precedent for the club to take on this mantle every year, which they have continued to do so. 

In a period of UK lockdown, it does not perhaps seem too great a challenge to grow a moustache, as we are able to hide away our feeble attempts within the confines of our own homes. However, this will be a difficult and uncertain period of time for so many, especially through colder and darker days and so for us, each glance in the mirror acts as a reminder of why we are doing this - please check up on your friends and family this month, even those you might consider some of the strongest, as a text message from an old friend could have a greater positive impact than you could ever imagine.

To help your fantastic efforts so far, we will be running a raffle  from the 28th-30th November, where each £2 donation will count as an entry. This will be done on a third-party raffle site and the winning prize will be a £100 gift voucher at our store so please give generously for an amazing cause and a chance to win! We'll see you then.

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