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January 22, 2021 1 min read

We have finally made our way onto TikTok and can’t wait to share a wide variety of new and exciting content with you in this dynamic and fast-paced new medium. Here’s a brief rundown of what to expect…

It is no secret that we all became good friends at university while playing for the Bristol football club. It is rare for a brand’s founders to have such a solid foundation of friendship and we want to use TikTok to showcase even more aspects of our relationship. Prepare to see the ways in which we work together, as well as a series highlighting some of the challenges that come with working alongside your best mates. 

You can expect to see a wealth of behind the scenes content as well as ‘Day in the Life’ scenarios related to packaging, photoshoots and so much more - get ready to learn about the operational side of Young Goat. This will be complemented with some of our own tips about starting a company, using Shopify, running a business Instagram, as well as some of the challenges and pitfalls we encountered and how we overcame them. 

So there we have it - our journey on TikTok has begun. This is just the start though - as we grow into the app, expect the unexpected. All in all, it should be fun, so be sure to join the TikTok Herd using the link below. 

Be your greatest. 


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Young Goat
Young Goat

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