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Pelé Melville-Rogers - Life as a Head Trainer

Who are you?

My name is Pelé, I’m 25 years old, and I’m Head Trainer at a fitness studio called Rowbots, in Central London. I was born and raised in North London. 

Who are your biggest inspirations?

That’s a hard question. In the field that I work in, I meet people every single day that inspire me in many different ways. A five minute conversation with someone who I’ve just met in the studio at Rowbots can leave me feeling just as inspired as many of the best known motivational speakers in the country. I’m also massively inspired by my mother who has always taught me to believe in myself. 

How did you start your journey to becoming a Nike Trainer?

Around 6 months ago I was recommended by a couple of fellow trainers to put myself forward as a Nike Training Ambassador and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the swoosh family, now. It’s a dream come true!

When is the ideal time for a person to train?

This is a question that I get asked all the time. My answer is always the same. The best time of day for a person to train is the time of the day that that person will actually train. It may sound overly simple but if you tell someone that 6am is the best time for them to train, unless they love being up at the crack of dawn, they aren’t going to keep to it. Likewise, if your evenings are for family time, then it makes sense to try and get your session in either in the morning or during the day. So in a nutshell, train at a time that works with your life as a whole. 

How do you motivate yourself when you’ve had a long or bad day?

There is definitely a misconception that personal trainers and fitness coaches are always motivated but I can assure you that this is not the case. There are days where my motivation levels are at a big fat zero. Albeit rare, we are all human.

Firstly, I won’t beat myself up because sometimes the body and mind just need an evening of chilling out, and putting one's feet up. Allowing ourselves to recharge is going to give us much more chance of waking up the next day feeling motivated again. 

Secondly, I won’t wait around days and days for motivation to come knocking at my door. I know that taking action will in turn inspire motivation. I’ll go out there and get a little session in. Sometimes 30 minutes is all it takes to get my mojo, and then I’m back on track!

How important is diet to training?

“You can’t out train a bad diet”, is something that we’ve all heard many times. It is 100% true. If we aren’t fuelling our bodies with adequate calories and the required nutrition to be able to recover and rebuild, then we’re going to be hindering our results massively and potentially diminishing our physical health. A good state of fitness/health is as much internal as it is external. 

When is the right time to rest and recover?

The right time to rest and recover is the time that you feel that your body and mind need it most. 

I cannot stress enough how important rest days are, as much for the body as for the mind.

It must be remembered that when we train with progressive overload, we are stressing our bodies in a way that forces them to rebuild and repair themselves in order to accommodate progression in all of our strength and fitness related goals.

What is your favourite cheat day meal?

Vegan burger from Honest Burger, with a double portion of chips and a cold beer. For dessert, a huge stack of vegan pancakes, with fresh fruit and drowning in maple syrup. 

What role does mental health play in what you do?

One of the things that I love about Rowbots is that our ethos is about mental well being as well as physical well being and fitness. One compliments the other all ways round.

One of the three pillars to my own personal brand is mindset. By this, I mean developing and harnessing a strong, robust and most importantly a positive mindset/attitude in order that we can go out there and thrive, develop and overcome the daily hardships and difficulties that life throws our way.

What is your favourite YG item?

I love the plain black crew neck T-Shirt, with the YG logo in the middle. Minimal and stylish!


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