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Simmy Dhillon - Life as a Business Owner

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Who are you?

I’m a 23-year-old who has my own business – RNS Meals. I started it at university, now we have over 20 employees and turnover 6 figures per year. I also work for Google, which is fun, though not as fun as RNS.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

Growing up it was always footballers, I loved Stevie G - captain fantastic. I don’t follow football as much now, it’s becoming too commercial and it all feels a bit fake. 

If I’m being honest, I just love hearing success stories where people have been creative, committed and hardworking to achieve things. I really love to see that. That inspires me. 

My friends and family also inspire me. You see their struggles up close, which makes it that much more real when they overcome things. In particular, my brother and mum inspire me, and my close friend Nick Freeman - he used to be a care worker but now he plays in the Championship. 

How did you start your journey to running a food business?

I started in my university kitchen. Bought some ingredients, starting cooking, marketing and delivering, and things just took off from there. I thought ‘This is fun, people are enjoying it, could I scale this?’ I’ve never really looked back from there.

What are the main health benefits of meal preparation for a person?

Typically, people think meal prep is all about ‘getting shredded’. In fairness, that’s what most meal prep companies are about, which is why I hate the label. Meal prep is great if it’s done right. That’s a big if. Meal prep done right means – variety, taste and quality are there, and not just macros and calories. If done right, meal prep won’t just improve your physique, it’ll save time, reduce stress, improve mental health, boost the immune system, increase energy and productivity! 

How do you motivate yourself when you've had a long or bad day?

Today is kind of a long day. It’s 7pm on a Saturday evening and I’m sitting in a cold office with a long to-do list! 

I try to reflect and look back often, reminding myself of how far I’ve come. That’s hugely motivating. Recalling past hurdles really helps to place current challenges into perspective too. 

I also like to remind myself of how fortunate I am - being born in England, having shelter, food, warmth, access to education. So many people in the world don’t have access to these basic things. How could I possibly complain? 

Finally, no one is forcing me to do anything. I’m here late because I’m passionate about RNS and what we’re trying to achieve. I could go home, but I’d rather stay. 

How important is diet to healthy living?

Good diet, exercise, sleep and relaxation are all really important. It’s not like you can just nail one and ignore the others either, they’re all essential to being healthy. 

I just think that diet is the most difficult one to achieve on your own. You have to find good quality ingredients, at affordable prices; you have to be able to cook well and continue to learn new recipes so that you don’t get bored; you need to continually learn about nutrition; the list goes on. Sleep is free and simple. Relaxation is free and simple.

Who is your dream customer?

We serve a lot of footballers so serving Cristiano Ronaldo, my GOAT, that would be cool. 

In terms of ‘ideal client’ someone who is time poor but values their health, and quality food. They like supporting an independent business and appreciate that family run touch. There’s a huge market there, just think about all of those working professionals in the city! 

What do you like doing outside of work?

Travelling, reading, eating and spending time with friends. 

What role does mental health play in what you do?

Mental health is so important and I’m glad it’s something that we’re all learning a lot more about and placing a greater importance and focus on. A lot of people have a poor relationship with food and that’s not just eating disorders. We save people time so they’re less stressed and anxious. We feed them well so they’re happy and energetic. We improve their physical health, so they’re more body confident. I know it sounds cheesy, but ‘happy, healthy’ people is what I want to create, not just physically fit people.

What is your favourite YG item?

Love the pullovers which you did, really comfy and versatile. Either the black or green for me.


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