Young Goat's Values - Anyone can be the GOAT

Young Goat's Values - Anyone can be the GOAT

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Anyone can be the GOAT.’

When describing the concept of our brand, this is probably the phrase I use the most. In my head, it captures  the essence of what we’re trying to accomplish. But what do we actually mean by it?

In a literal sense, the idea is true. Those of you familiar with Pixar’s Ratatouille will likely understand this, as the concept is perfectly presented at the end of the movie. 

Throughout the film, the audience becomes familiar with the motto of the famous and venerated Chef Gusteau, ‘Anyone can cook.’ The opposition to this idea comes from food critic Anton Ego, who is initially presented as one of the movie’s antagonists. As a lover of fine food, he makes his disdain for the statement clear. 

Ego, who is the harshest critic in Paris, has already written off Gusteau’s restaurant and is wholly prepared to do so again. However, at the end of the movie, he is presented with a dish of the highest quality, a meal so good it propels him back 50-odd years and forces him to reminisce about his childhood. Unknown to him, the meal has been cooked by the movie’s main character, Remy, who is a rat. 

Anton Ego from Ratatouille

It is upon this discovery that Ego realises that he has misunderstood Gusteau’s statement all along. Remy could not come from more humble origins into the world of fine cooking and in his final review, Ego muses that, ‘not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.’ 

We can transfer this example over to the idea that anyone can be the GOAT. Of course, while not everyone can literally become the Greatest of All Time, it is a feat that can be achieved by anyone, from anywhere. However, this is only part of what we are trying to achieve with this statement, as we believe it goes much deeper. 

Whether Remy was indeed the greatest chef of all time is irrelevant to us, in how we perceive being the GOAT. In our eyes, you’ve never needed to be a celebrity or sports star to align with our definition. We instead talk about being your own GOAT, which can be simplified as being the best version of yourself. Remy was certainly this. He read recipes, watched cooking shows and worked on his craft to be the best possible chef he could be. 

Jordan Lebron GOAT Debate

So how do you be your own GOAT? Well, the reality is, this is entirely set and defined by each individual. It’s about committing to personal development, setting your own goals, and striving to reach them. And to do this, we follow a set of values. 

Values inform our thoughts, words and actions. They help us grow, develop and to create the future we want to experience. Our values reflect what is important to us in life and you become authentic to others when your values, thoughts, communication, behaviour and life choices are an expression of your best self. 

Of course, the values you hold are entirely up to you, but we have found that following our established set of Young Goat values has steered us in the right direction so far. These are:

  • Focusing on yourself
  • Ignoring the noise
  • Striving to constantly improve

In the context of starting a business, it was paramount we stuck to these values. If we hadn’t, I doubt we’d be where we are today. 

Focusing on yourself

Focusing on yourself is a value that can be hard to embody in today’s world. It holds the same weight when rewritten as ‘Not focusing on others’.  In an era of constant comparison thanks to carefully curated social media snippets that make up the best of people’s lives, it can be hard to stay rooted on your own path. By focusing on yourself, you are avoiding the main distraction of focusing on others. 

In the context of Young Goat, we started the company at a time where our mates were beginning to land stable jobs, with a steady income, whereas we were throwing ourselves into the unknown. In those moments, had we focused on others, we wouldn’t be where we are today. 

A girl wearing Young Goat clothing

Ignoring the noise

To our friends and family, starting Young Goat seemed pretty crazy. We had no business experience, no fashion experience, half of us were still in Bristol, the other half in London. Not to mention, our investment of £50 each didn’t amount to much. Overall, it wasn’t the best launchpad into running a clothing business! 

In this context, ignoring the noise and focusing on yourself are certainly not dissimilar. However, ignoring the noise is as much about the internal doubts, as the external. If you can work to filter out everything that is holding you back from being the best version of yourself, that is a huge step forward. 

The things that distract us are, at the end of the day, stories we make up in our head that don’t really matter. What’s real is what we make of our own lives, and therefore, the more we can filter out, the better. 

Striving to constantly improve

The final value we like to govern us is striving for constant improvement. This is the value that keeps us on our journey to self-betterment. There are days when it is harder than others, and times it feels like where we aren’t where we want to be. But by focusing on improvement, not achievement, we guarantee progress and through this, we will eventually reach the achievements along the way. 

Our brand is about helping you to become the version of yourself - your own GOAT. When we say that anyone can be the GOAT, we truly mean it. If you can be yourself and be happy in the skin you’re in, then that’s a huge win in our books. We hope these values can help you on your own personal journeys, and we hope you can wear the YG logo proudly on your chest

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